Anatole Krasnyansky

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Park West announces four museum exhibitions for 2016

The Park West Foundation has partnered with four museums around the U.S. to promote the joy of art, starting with Dallas’ Museum of Geometric and MADI Art to showcase world-renowned artist Yaacov Agam. The museum will present “The Magic of Yaacov Agam,” featuring the kinetic artwork of Agam. The exhibition will run from Jan. 28 to April 21,…. read more

Take the Anatole Krasnyansky Quiz

Anatole Krasnyansky is known for his amazing watercolor artwork that is seen in two distinct styles, both of which represent his eastern heritage. But how much do you know about him? The following is a quiz that will test your knowledge of this amazing artist. If you need some hints for those tricky questions, we suggest…. read more