Art Auctions on Cruise Ships

Park West Gallery is known around the world for connecting fine art enthusiasts to an extensive collection of quality pieces of art through the company’s exclusive network of artists, publishers and representatives. Since the company’s inception, Park West Gallery has connected over 1.8 million art collectors to the artwork they desire through live art auctions on cruise ships, art auctions in major metropolitan regions worldwide, and via public art galleries in Florida and Michigan.

In order to bring the art collecting experience to sea, Park West Gallery maintains onboard art galleries and produces thousands of live art auctions on cruise ships every year. Currently, Park West Gallery manages art programs on over 100 luxury cruise liners across the globe. Park West Gallery works to create an entertaining, educational and welcoming experience for all of its cruise ship art collectors. Whether you’re an avid collector or just beginning to start your collection, the Park West Gallery experience strives to ignite a passion for the arts in collectors. The experience that Park West Gallery creates is incomparable to other cruise ship art auctions you might come across.

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